Many bloggers seem to be displaying their more creative sides on Friday’s.

Brent Thomas is doing “Poetry (and sometimes music) Friday.

Joe Thorn and Steve McCoy display photos.

So in honor of these guys and everyone else who displays their creative sides on their blogs or in any other context, I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite theologians.

“It is a feeble view of art that isolates it as a sphere of its own for those who find it amusing. The word and command of God demand art, since it is art that sets us under the word of the new heaven and the new earth. Those who, in principle or out of indolence, want to evade the anticipatory creativity of aesthetics are certainly not good. Finally, in the proper sense, to be unaesthetic is to be immoral and disobedient.”

-Karl Barth, Ethics [lectures from 1928-29], ed. Dietrich Braun (New York: Seabury Press, 1981), p. 510.

HT: Ben Myers, from which I pulled this entire quote