One of the reasons I chose to come to Fuller both the first time and this time is because of the diversity….this diversity presents itself in the form of denominations (over 120 plus represented on campus); ethnic group (about 1/3 of the population is international, with a a great majority being Korean); classes in different languages (primarily Spanish and Korean); women on campus (about half, and yes that makes us diverse for a seminary); to diversity in not only theological views, but political, economic, culture, etc.

Ex. Our MFT cohort just finished a discussion on the diversity in our community and it was a great time for everyone to hear each other’s perspective. This is the first time in my life possibly, outside of mission work, that I find myself in the minority as a white male. So I very much enjoy the exchange and it is obvious that we both learn from each other…both minority and majority groups.

Ex. I am sitting in the library, on the top floor, looking at the window of a large group of students circled around a speaker. The speaker happens to be Franciscan priest Richard Rohr who is here speaking at some seminars. But what’s interesting that behind him (this is not his presentation) is a wall with signs that read “Jesus and Paul were prisoners of Empire” or “Jesus was a Torture Victim” or “Jesus rode a donkey not a warhorse.”

Only at Fuller can such opinions be expressed in a seminary setting, yet dialogue persist, and unity in Christ found, within our diversity as people and opinions.