I have really enjoyed and been truly blessed by the friendships that have developed with others because of blogging. Some of the bloggers I have met in person and others I have not, but it has been a wonderful experience. Also, one of the greatest things about blogging is the ability to connect people to one another around the country.

For example: A student came up to me tonight after college group wanting to get his struggling friend connected to a church community. So he asked if I knew someone in a certain state who might be able to help his friend get connected. And in fact I did know someone through blogging, who is involved in ministry, whom I can help connect this person to.

That’s what has been truly great about blogging. Often I get people asking me for references for “good” churches in the states they are moving to, and blogging has given me more access to find these communities, or to find people involved in these communities.

So, speaking of connecting, let’s try to continue to connect. I not only want to be able to connect people to Christian community, but I am passionate about connecting with other college pastors/directors/volunteers.

I have asked for those who are college pastor/director/volunteers and who blog, or know those who do, to please send me their names and blogs. Or you might be one of them. Here are some names that you may already know, and some other ones that have been coming in.

Chris Gonzalez of Vital Impact in Tempe, AZ

Phillip Moses, Scott Norton and Steve Leonard of The Source in San Luis Obispo, CA

Kenneth Koons in Long Beach, CA, who blogs at Abundant Hope

Jason Deuman of Transit in Lynnwood, WA