Studies Show Increase of Seminarians, Decrease of Pastoral Graduates
HT: Smart Christian


1. I didn’t go to seminary to go into the ministry. I went to pursue a master’s degree, so that I could pursue a doctorate, so that I could be a seminary professor. Plans changed though.

2. I know more and more seminary students myself who are coming for personal benefit or for more knowledge, rather than taking it into vocational ministry.

3. The age of seminarians has seemed to drop a lot recently. This is not based on any research. I and my friends have just noticed how the students around Fuller have been more and more people who are coming right out of college. Apparently, back in the day, the young single guy or girl, straight out of college in seminary was more of a minority. Is that true? I don’t know.

If you went to seminary, what were your reasons? Pastoral ministry? Professorship? Gain knowledge? Etc.