India is a country that is close to my heart ever since I visted it following college graduation in 1997. It is one of the most amazing countries in the world and what I experienced over there was both breathtaking and tragic. I have more unbelievable stories from the things that I saw and experienced over there…things that I have never witnessed since, especially when it comes to spiritual warfare and the supernatural….the topics that we don’t often discuss over here in the United States. One of my most memorable days was being in the city of Calcutta on the day that Mother Theresa’s funeral procession was making its way through town. I remember being in her orphanage that day and seeing firsthand the unbelievable conditions that she ministered so faithfully in for so many years. I remember driving through town as her funeral procession made its way through the city with both rich and poor, famous and unknown, following closely behind it.


I am asking you to be in prayer for the country of India and its people. I just received some phone calls from my brother who was just there for a couple of weeks with Hopegivers Inernational with his church Frontline in the Washington D.C. Metro Area/VA. He has asked me if I could post something to remind us all to be in prayer for India, a country that is under considerable persecution, especially the Christians who are sufferring a great deal for being faithful to the Word of Jesus Christ. Recently, one of the orphanages that my brother was working with has come under considerable persecution and attack and many of the children have been kidnapped. Some of the information is highly sensitive and confidential as many people’s lives are in danger, but please check out, which is the International Christian Human Rights Organization. Please visit this site, and go to the left side bar and click on “sign petition.”

Please be in prayer for these people, and many others who suffer for what we most often take for granted on a daily basis.