I am with Dustin on this issue regarding My Space.

I think My Space is a great idea. And I think every great idea can be used in a beneficial way, as well as a destructive way.

As someone who works with youth, all be it, college students, who are technically adults, I am still concerned about what I see going on in My Space. I am concerned about the “stalker” element that is lurking out there, especially in regards to pedophilia. We have seen this issue hit the news a lot recently as some young girls have been lured into meeting these people in person. I have seen a lot of young people become uknowingly exploited and it concerns me.

I am also concerned with what I see in regards to people living two very different, and often not very congruent lives. One that is in person. And one that is online. Many act as if they are anonymous because they are online, though nothing could be farther from the truth. The online personality often participates in behavior that they would not normally do in person. Very interesting.

On the other hand I applaud the many Christians and ministries who have My Space accounts as I think their voice needs to be in all corners and places of this world.

But I still feel like My Space can start off innocent for many people and then without the proper discernment and maturity, one can easily be led astray.

I could talk about this issue all day. But I guess in the end, my concern is how we will handle this situation in the future. Never before have we seen this explosion of online community, and it presents issues and problems that one may have not forseen. So without policing people, how do we put measures in our online communities that can protect the innocent, and those who may not have the proper maturity to make wise decisions.

In the meantime this is something we will all wrestle with, and it doesn’t just concern My Space, though that is getting all the attention. This issue extends into all corners and markets of online communities.