My friend Phil who works for YWAM and who has a great blog, posted this comment below regarding myspace.

Funny Rhett, this is kinda the way I picture you when I read all your posts. You are much more stylish. Good post on the myspace. It is a good way for us to do research on our incoming staff.

Why do I mention it? Because of the last sentence: “It is a good way for us to do research on our incoming staff.”

This is what I think many people don’t get. That what they write and publish is accessible to every one. Now maybe they don’t care. But I think more than naught, they just aren’t thinking long term.

For example: Whatever I publish may affect what churches or organizations will want to hire me down the road because of my theological views.

And what people put on their blogs, MySpace’s, etc. could keep them from certain opportunities, and may open up others as well.

But I know that before I hire any interns, etc., I get online to see if I can find a blog, or My Space from them . That is how I pre-screen often.

I also had very recently, a very successful business person and public figure tell me, that pretty soon, most businesses will be pulling up people’s profiles online, and will use that as determining factor in whether or not to interview or hire someone.

I know when you are 16 or 18, you might not be thinking too far down the road. But you should.