I have been thinking recently about who we often learn from, and that sometimes we don’t often afford ourselves the opportunity to learn from those that we disagree with on certain issues. When it comes to the world of blogs we tend to stick in our own circles, and if we venture out of them, it is usually only to get our blood flowing by what others say, or to find something we can disagree with, so that we can go back to our own blogs, and our own circles and blog about it.

There is someone out there in the blog world that i don’t agree with theologically on many issuse, but he is a very smart man, and he happened to be the person that first got me interested in the study of theology, which led me to seminary months later.

During the spring semester of my senior year in college I decided to take a church history class for an elective. I was studying at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, which at the time was a small, liberal arts Christian university, and was part of the Souther Baptist Convention (the university now…don’t ask). The university required a class in OT and NT and a weekly chapel, so I thought I would learn more in the area of theology.

The professor was James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries. I remember being excited about going to this class during the week, and I remember thinking that I didn’t know that the history of the church was that fascinating. Class was always great, and White was a great lecturer. Looking back, I don’t remember whether or not he pushed a lot of his Calvinist views in class, or whether it aligned with the doctrine of the SBC. But what I do remember was thinking that this class would forever change my life.

I wrote my paper on the reformer Jon Hus, which would be the beginning of many theological papers for me as I headed to seminary within the next six months.

Though James White did his M.A. at Fuller Theological Seminary I don’t remember him being too fond of it when I asked him after class one day about it. But I won’t put words in his mouth.

I have since been to Fuller where I did my M.Div and where I am currently working on my M.F.T. And it’s a seminary I love. I have also been pastoring a college ministry for the last four years. And I truly believe that that church history class, taught by James White, was the catalyst that put me on the path where I am now.

Thanks for the great learning experience…..

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