I was listening to Jim Rome today…yeah, yeah…I’m a “jungle clone”….long time listener, but have never called.

Today he was interviewing high school basketball coach Jim Johnson, who is best known as the coach of Jason McElwain, the high school kid with autism who dropped 20 points in under four minutes in his only game ever. To listen to this awesome and inspiring interview, go here, though unfortunately it looks like you have to suscribe to Streamlink to listen to it. Anyways, people were calling throughout the whole show, bawling their eyes out, and I found myself sitting in a 24 Hour Fitness parking lot doing the same.

If you don’t know the story, read this and watch this.

As Rome said today…J Mac as he is known misses the first shot by like 5 feet, and then all of a sudden starts channeling Reggie Miller

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