Joe Thorn has a great summary of the Donald Miller and Derek Webb online chat.
HT: Steve McCoy

Joe says:

The men did not come off as whiny liberals who are only trying to fight against authority. They came off as men who are trying to think their way through Scripture as they follow Jesus into the world. Their basic theology is evangelical with some Reformed hat-tipping. Even if you disagree with them, they just aren’t what they are painted to be by some of the critics.

As someone who has been a big fan of Donald Miller for a long time I totally agree with this assessment. When we had Don speak at our college group last October I found much of the same discussion. Don was concerned with how lopsided discussion in the United States has often become especially when it comes to issues of war, peace, poverty, etc. And though some of his comments were hard to swallow for my students, overall they appreciated a different perspective. And then there were the students who resonate with Miller and his ideas quite a bit, but often are afraid to speak up in a college group that is primarily conservative.