As you know, if you have been reading this blog as of late…I have been challenging my students, myself, and everyone to read through the Bible this year. And I have definitely experienced my ups and downs. Some weeks it’s a no brainer and almost an unconscious habit, where my day just doesn’t seem right if it isn’t started in the Word. Other days, I am struggling to get out of bed, and then struggling to make reading the Word the first thing I do in the morning.

But that seems pretty typical of the spiritual life….Ups and Downs, Mountains and Valleys. Some weeks everything is going right, and other weeks, it feels like all the wheels are coming off the wagon.

One of the things that reading the Bible from front to cover does, is raise a lot of questions. Old questions are being renewed, and I now have some new ones. Over the next few months, and along the way I wan to address or at least bring up some of these question, whether I think there are answers for them or not.

But during our Mammoth ski retreat this weekend, I think I had more questions posed to me than ever before. And they all seemed to be a result of this journey of reading through the Bible in a year. Hence, all of their questions, or most of them, are based on their readings in the Torah (Gen, Ex., Lev., Numb., Deut.).

That’s for sure. If you read through the Law/Torah, and you have no questions, thoughts, answers, etc…than I am wondering if you are even reading it.

So I will be posting some of these questions along the way, and I hope to get some feedback from some of you.