My friend Drew Sams has a great post titled, How Dare We Invite Jesus Into This Place.

Here’s a sample:

So, the question came up in class, “How often do we in our prayers and in our conversations invite Jesus into a situation or a place?”

I mean, when you think about it, we do it all the time.

“Jesus, during this difficult time, we invite you into this place and give us peace.”

“Lord, we ask that you be with us here today as we plan the upcoming year.”

It has become so common in our language that if you type in “inviting Jesus” into Google, 1,680,000 search results come up at the time this was written.

So when our teacher brought up this common request today in class…we all thought nothing of it.

Until he said it was…


what? unbiblical? are you saying that thousands of pastors and, come to think of it, millions of believers pray an unbiblical prayer?

after our initial shock gave way to an awkward silence…one student broke through and asked what we were all thinking, “what?”