Below are some snippets from Are Students Losing Their Religion on Campus?

“When I came to college I was so excited to get out of the bubble that I’d been in, in high school and in my family, and i just kind of went crazy,” Parrish said.

“It’s definitely the norm to be drunk and to have premarital sex and just kinda live a very — it’s all about me, whatever I can get tonight,” Colclasure said. “My grades suffered, I had a great social life but that’s pretty much all I had. My spiritual life and my academics suffered a lot.”

A recent UCLA study found many college students drift away from their religious upbringings. In the study, 52 percent of the students said they attended religious services frequently the year before entering college, but by their junior year attendance had dropped to 29 percent.

“Good Morning America” parenting expert Anne Pleshette Murphy said that parents shouldn’t despair — the UCLA study also found that 76 percent of college undergraduates want to have a spiritual life.