Matthew Anderson who is a great blogger, and who was the main man for GodBlogCon posted this comment in regards to my latest post:


I don’t have any thoughts at all about the emergent church, but I thought I would point out a third way. You mention that either people are modern or post-modern–I actually think that it’s still possible to live as a pre-modern. The categories are fuzzy, but the best of Medieval thought (Thomas) seems to allow for a rationally defensible worldview that is fideistic (not badly fideistic) and optimistic about truth acquisition. The modern mindset questions the former–the post-modern (which, I’ll point out, I’m no expert on either–I just recently bought Grenz’s primer on Po-Mo) seems to question the latter. So, all that to say, hooray for the third way.

Thanks Matt. I appreciate his honesty and his desire to come to this issue with new thoughts, new ideas, etc. I look forward to what you learn, and what you have to say on this matter.

And vitriolic language either….sweet!

Also, I know in my last few posts I have been putting people into two camps, either modern or postmodern…saying that the two shall never meet. I agree that that is an overgeneralization on my part. There are people who probably fall in many different places, and who would probably place themselves in many different places. But for argument’s sake, it seems like the disagreement tends to come between the modern and postmodern camps.

But hey…I am learning through this process.