This isn’t so much a post to propose a theory to utilizing student bloggers in your ministry, as much as it is to give an example:

Ashley Alexander is someone that I have known since her freshman year in college at LMU. She had served for three years on my leadership team as well, providing awesome leadership, especially in the areas of planning retreats, socials, and getting some small group movement going on her campus. She just graduated this year, and has moved to Hawaii for a job (yeah…tough moving to Hawaii after college). Before blogging, I would never have been able to communicate with her in such a fashion as we do now. But blogging has allowed myself, her friends, the students in our ministry, as well as others, to communicate, and engage in conversation with her. Whether she is posting theological thoughts, to thoughts on music, or something even more random, blogging has definitely created a different avenue of community that did not exist before. One of the best things about blogging is communicating with students who go abroad for a semester or year, and read their blogs, and chart their journey.

Ashley has a great blog. Keep it up. You can see some of my other student bloggers in the left column..some of which have graduated, and some which are still in the ministry.


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