Will Samson is a great blogger. I love reading his blogs because I believe he writes about things that are a bit off the more usual trodden path of bloggers. And his blogs are usually calling attention to things that are not always that popular or hip in Christian evangelical circles, such as issues regarding poverty, race, debt-relief, economics, non-partisan politics.

So this is why I post this interesting blog entry by him.

Ebay, Skype and the Role of the Clergy.

Here is an excerpt from Will:

While I am not sounding the death knell on paid church staff – far from it – it seems to me that the role and substance of that role will be changing dramatically. Rather than being keepers of a guaranteed epistemology, pastors and priests will increasingly be playing roles of networkers and relationship builders. Ironically, I have begun to wonder if the increasing ability to tie people together relationally won’t return the clergy to something more akin to a parish priest?