One….I am counting down the days until all of my students return. Most of the schools are back in session, and though this is a year round ministry, I am super excited about having everyone back when UCLA returns to school.

We will begin this Fall with a Welcome Back Worship Night on September 28 at 8pm in Evans Chapel. And then the following week on Wednesday, October 5 at 8pm in Evans Chapel, we will begin our Fall series as I start with the topic of Journeying in our Faith.

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And a whole other tangent, I was beginning to wonder why I was getting so much traffic from the site Burnt Orange Report: News, Politics and Fun from Deep in the Heart of Texas. I mean, I am a Texan, but this was suddenly all cleared up when I realized the site belongs to politician Rhett Smith. I knew there was a politician out there by that name as my brother had pointed out to me. And I had been to his site. But why all the traffic all of a sudden.

Well I went to his site and read the following:

September 12, 2005

Rhett Smith to Run for Governor
By Karl-Thomas Musselman

I wasn’t sure if I should have posted this in the BOR Humor category or not, but then again, I could put most gubernatorial posts on either side of the aisle in that category. But Rhett Smith, former candidate for President, then Congress against Lamar Smith (and of the infamous “Wall of Tortillas” he wants UDems to build down I-35), and then candidate for Mayor of San Antonio, now wants to run for Governor. As a Republican.

Of course, he’ll have to face some stiff competition. From Perry or Strayhorn. Or maybe Kinky Friedman. Or Chris Bell, or John Sharp, or Felix Alvarado. Or the biggest threat, Jennifer Gale.

Of course, he will have to do without his old campaign site as it now belongs to Los Angeles Grad Student who’s much cuter and going to the “God Blog Convention 2005”. For what it’s worth.

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Hilarious…….Politics is not in my future.