So I was tagged (more blogging lingo) by Mike DeVries, and I thought I would tag a few other bloggers as well. Translation: Let me link some of the bloggers I love reading, and who I think are saying great things. This is not a comprehensive list of all the ones I read every day. But here is a list of six, pretty different blogs.

Mike DeVries Mike’s blog is constantly challenging me; and I seem to be resonating with a lot of what he is saying, and working through himself.

Craig Williams. I love his insight. He does a great job of working through books and I always find what he has to say great.

Cameron Jorgenson Just know that as a Ph.D student, he writes sporadically right now. But always great. One of the smartest people I know. You will be reading his books soon.

Ryan Bolger He has me re-thinking issues regarding the Church, especially the missional aspect of it.

Smart Christian This site does a great job of linking all kinds of interesting and relevant articles and blogs; good place to find discussion that runs the theological gamut.

Lars Rood. Looking forward to the thoughts coming out of the mouth of my former boss; especially as he is working on his D.Min. in Emerging Leadership at George Fox University.