“What’s wrong with nihilism? In a culture of relativism know the context and the content and the consequence of being born again. God only knows my fate, anyway.”-black eyed sceva

This post on this site has brought back a lot of memories.

In 1995 I was standing in the cleared out sanctuary of a church waiting for the headlining Christian band to come up and play. Christian music, at least in the small band, alternative format, was in its prime, and there didn’t seem to be one weekend that went by where there weren’t Christian alternative bands playing in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. But this night was different. Everyone came out to see the opening band, a local favorite, and between their set and the headlining act, almost everyone went home. Hundreds of kids left, and there were only a handful of us in the room. And I mean, probably 50-60 people.

We were waiting for this band that we had never heard of before, and we figured, well, we might as well stay around. Three guys walk up to the stage, and as they began to play, we knew that we had never heard anything like them before…from the music…and especially to the lyrics. It was a transformative show. And who was this band. Black Eyed Sceva, who went on to become Model Engine.

Their first album,
Way Before The Flood

was absolutely brilliant. I have played that album thousands of times. And Jeremy Post’s lyrics are unbelievable.

That album was followed by,
flood 1.jpg
5 Years 50000 Miles Davis

was also unbelievable.

And then that was followed up by,
flood 2.jpg
The Lean Years Tradition

Obviously I am not giving you much as far as each album and what type of music it was, but I’m not much of a writer when it comes to talking about music. All I know is that this band, and these guys were unbelievable. They transformed the lives of many people through their music, and I have yet to find a band such as them. And Jeremy Post’s lyrics…a course in Church history, theology, philosophy, literature and more. All I know is that they disappeared to soon, and I wish they were still playing.

Why am I writing this? Mainly because this link was sent to me by my good friend Aaron, and apparently I wasn’t alone in my admiration of this band, or of Jeremy Post.