This is why I am continually impressed with the words, thoughts, preaching, and book, of Rob Bell. Here is a great interview with Rob Bell taken from beliefnet.

Again, in a culture, where it seems that a lot of Christians spend a lot of their time attacking other Christian’s views, doctrine, etc., because they might not tow the line….Rob Bell instead points people to a message of hope, redemption, reconciliation, and ultimately to the person of Jesus Christ.

I am re-working my way through his book, Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, and it is rocking my world.

His chapter, titled Tassels, where he talks about superpastor is mesmerizing. Why? Because so many people can relate to it….be it superpastor, supermom, superstudent, etc. He hits at some core identity issues, and I think he hits on an issue that too many people in ministry are struggling with, but don’t even know it. Very few and far between are those in ministry, or in life that will actually seek help, and do the hard work of understanding who they are…and not who others perceive them to be, or who they strive to be.