the previous post seems to be a pretty popular topic. I have been in dialogue with staff members, friends, fellow students, etc. on this issue. Ally, over at supersimbo posts an entry on this issue. And I appreciate Josh’s comments below.

I agree that programs can help us nurture, or encourage us in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Helping us become better disciples. I guess I get concerned when we hang on to old paradigms, for the sake of hanging on to them, because that’s what we have always done. Or when we crowd our spiritual lives with so much stuff, that we rarely hear God’s voice. Or when God speaks, and the Holy Spirit moves in our lives, but it’s in such a way that operates outside of our normal expectations. Therefore, we don’t listen, because it didn’t fit into our nice little box or program.

Let’s continue the dialogue.

And I have a lot of posting to do still…..On Bonhoeffer’s Life Together, Rob Bell’s new book, etc….