Ryan Bolger has a really good post today on hospitality apologetics. Ryan says:

Hospitality apologetics does not focus on the verbal argument at all, in fact it is way down on the list of priorities. Rather than presenting an argument, these communities present a life. They do not concern themselves with presenting a gospel formula, but rather their focus is on whether the gospel was demonstrated in the recipients midst.

Ryan makes a comment in this post about a campus minister friend of his who states that traditional methods of apologetics are no longer working. That the time of the Four Spiritual Laws has passed.

Now, I have only been in campus ministry for about four years, but I have definitely seen a move away from traditional apologetics, to a new, emerging form. Gone seem to be the days when a student wanted to debate, or talk about philosophical propositions for the existence of God. What they are wanting to see is how God has changed my life. What they are wanting to witness, are the ways that we live in community. What they want is for us to live out what we believe.

I have been learning myself how important the apologetic of hospitality is, in the lives of my Christian friends, and especially in the lives of those who do not believe.