My brother, who lives near Union Station in Washington D.C. has been talking a lot about a church in his community that has really been making a difference. The church is National Community Church, which meets in two locations, one being Union Station. I was just reading the pastor’s blog and was really impressed with some of his thinking, especially his post on Ambidextrous Leadership.

I am definitely a left-brained thinker, who is screaming and desiring to also be more of a right brained thinker. And though my seminary education was definitely a lot of left-brained thinking (which is important), I do think that some seminaries, especially Fuller Theological Seminary, and Regent College in Vancouver are beginning to approach seminary education from a more wholistic context, helping a pastor develop both sides of his or her brain: both the linear and logical, as well as the imaginative and creative.

Living in Los Angeles, and pastoring in a community that is deeply entrenched in the entertainment industry has definitely been a help in helping me develop a side of my brain that I have always wanted to use, but that has been dormant at times. Thanks to my college community, The Quest, and the students who come from UCLA, USC, LMU, SMC, etc… have helped me appreciate, learn, grow, and develop the many facets of leadership.