It seems like it has been forever since I was sitting in front of my computer blogging…but you know what? I did not miss it, nor my cell phone. It was great to get away from some of these things for a couple of weeks.

And as you know, I was away for a good reason. I got married on Saturday, June 18th. We had an amazing time at the wedding, reception, and at our honeymoon in Tahiti.

I am looking forward to talking with all of you soon…to posting blogs…and I’m excited to come back refreshed, and hopefully with some new insights.

But for the meantime, I posted a couple of photos for you.

The first was taken from my friend Aaron Kellar as Heather and I were entering our reception in her parent’s backyard in Texas.

The second photo was taken by me from our overwater bungalow in Bora Bora.

wedding 1

bora bora.jpg