For those of you who know me, you know that I’m addicted to blogging….and I can ramble for hours as well. So it seems like podcasting is the thing for me. And it’s a good thing that they have the Dummies version as you can see. I was content with just blogging, but then I had about an hour in studio with Hugh Hewitt back in May. Now that wasn’t my finest hour if you heard the radio that day. When Hugh gave me the opportunity to talk, it didn’t exactly come out like I would have liked. But I did walk away that day with more of a fascination with talk radio than ever before. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have their own show every day for about 3 hours. And thank God that we all don’t have what we wish for though. What terrible radio that would make.

So unless Hugh allows me my own weekly spot on his show (ha ha), then maybe podcasting is what I, and the Quest ministry should be looking into. The possibilities are endless.

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