I think that one of the hardest things about writing a blog is coming up with decent stuff, day in and day out. Though some of you might wish I would come up with just some decent stuff, forget the day in and day out thing. The difficult task is communicating something that sounds good in your mind, but can be misconstrued in the process. That’s why I probably don’t write satire. And why should I, when there are some amazing writers out there.

Someone that I have been reading as of late is my good friend, Blake Kimzey, over at The Everglades. I almost always laugh out loud when I read his stuff. He reminds me of…ummm…almost every guy in my college group. Blake also just started writing for the online magainze My Geek In The House, in which he has a funny article in there now on online dating.

Definitely a little more off color humor then you will find at my blog….you know….the off color humor doesn’t go well in pastoral circles….so read at your own risk. I hesitate to say this, because Blake will probably post some long satirical blog tomorrow on reading at your own risk. Great…just what I need.

And then there are a couple of my students who crack me up, such as Troy Masters, over at Dungeon of Akwardness, or Aaron Torchio over at What It Is That Makes Me Me.

These are some pretty funny guys.