Props to my friend Mike Trozzo who is an amazing photographer and artist. He can take any photo, make it look great, while doing some cool things with it. If you notice the photo above, it says, “Terrcakes.” You may be asking yourself, “Who is Terrcakes?”

Well that’s me. But don’t go around using it on me. Guys are funny about nicknames. My name is Rhett. But with my close group of guy friends we have tended to shorten names, and often go by the last names instead of the first, which is common when four dudes in your group are Mike. So they called me Rhett. Then it was Rhetter. Then Ter. Now just Terrcakes. Why? I have no idea.

So Terrcakes is the new moniker, and the photo was taken from my bachelor party a couple of weeks ago. A big event with a great group of guys. Relaxing, surfing, eating, sleeping, spending some time in prayer. Not your typical bachelor party, of which I am thankful.

As for “The Big Delicious”, I have no idea, but I think that plays into the idea of the photo looking like an album cover.

But what’s up with guys and nicknames? Sometimes you don’t even know who someone is, that you actually know, because no one calls them by their name. I suppose we carry on a good tradition. Jesus seemed to be in to changing people’s names, giving them some new name that fit who they were. But as for my friends, I’m not quite sure of what the name exactly means.