You have probably been wondering why my last few posts have been about embracing life, and living in the present. Or maybe you haven’t. But as I head closer and closer towards marriage, I am realizing how fast life pasts us by, and how we seldom sometime take the opportunity to enjoy life from one destination to the next. Life can be more about achieving goals and moving from one to the next, than it is about relationships, quality time, silence.

I am in Arizona this weekend at one of my best friend’s weddings. And it seems upon returning that I am about the only one not married. Not only am I not married….yet. But I’m also the friend without any kids. All my friends have kids. And all of their lives are drastically different than mine.

I have been living out in Los Angeles, pursuing school, chasing down some dreams, and my friends have been doing the same, but also getting married and raising families. It seems obvious that Arizona is a much more dating, marrying, having a family, friendly society.

And after watching my friends run around with their kids, and watching how the trajectory of their lives have changed so much, I am somewhat envious, and am to looking forward to getting married and having a family one day.

Most of you who read this blog, my college students are not near marriage and are not thinking about it. But what being with my friends reminded me is that life goes by really fast, and it is a good thing to embrace and enjoy it. It’s also a good thing to remember what is important. Things like friends, and family, and making good decisions that promote those relationships. Los Angeles is not a culture that promotes the quality of relationships too much, and I think that we can at times become pretty selfish as we head down the path towards fulfilling all of our own goals, at the risk of sacrificing some important things.

There is a time to be single. And there is a time to marry…at least for some of you. Enjoy the stage that you are in, but prepare yourself in both your singleness and dating and marriage, to go down the path that is most beneficial to the relationships that make up your life.

This is my daily rant for this weekend……now off to the wedding.