The topic of Wal Mart was a lighthing rod on my recent mission trip to Mexico, and so I would be interested in your perspective on this article, and on this topic.

There are those on one side who think Wal Mart practices business in an unethical way from low wages, to sweatshops. And on the other side are those who believe Wal Mart promotes family values and brings an affordable alternative for families.

So I wonder if the question is not really about Wal Mart, but more about capitalism in general. Not a question that says capitalism is all bad or good, but rather that asks, what are the ethics involved in capitalism? How can one operate ethically in a consumer society that always demands the lowest price, at the expense of a working class? How does one operate ethically in a system where anonymity is commonplace: Where we buy our products without any thought to the worker?

I was told I should read The Soul of Capitalism last month while I was standing on the top of the larget pyramid in Mexico, and looking out over the new Wal Mart. And I am definitely speaking out of my area of knowledge when it comes to economics, so I know that I must read more up on this topic.

For now, I will not ban Wal Mart, or stop shopping there. I am not informed enough on this issue for me to make any sweeping statements. Though I have to say, I probably only go 1-2 times a year if that. But I know that I must be made more aware of moral responsibility as a Christian, as a consumer.