Cameron, who is Summa Aesthetica, and I, talked on the phone yesterday about the selection of the new Pope, and we both came to the conclusion: That this must be the right choice, because everyone in the mainstream media is up in arms about the selection. They’ve made conservatism to be some degenerative, and dangerous disesase. It is just so obvious that the secular world does not only not get conservative, Christian people, or their values, they are almost stupified, and fearful I think over the amount of power the Pope, and conservatives have in this world. Power in the sense, that Christianity is able to draw people together, in a unique way, to live a different life than what the world pushes for. That scares people. And after watching the morning TV show, “The View” this morning, it was obvious that the world doesn’t get it, and they would rather bash the Pope if possible.

For some great reading on the new Pope, check out all the postings by Hugh Hewitt.

Cameron posted a great, and simple post this morning…below:

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus papam!

(Preemptive apology…this post is necessarily short due to other writing deadlines)

We have a pope! Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was elected today by his fellow Cardinals to serve as John Paul II’s successor. He chose the name Benedict XVI, which could be in honor of the previous Benedict, the WWI era pope who was a staunch opponent of the War and served as a reconciling figure between conservative and modernist elements of the Church. Or, perhaps he intended to invoke the memory of Benedict the great monastic figure whose rule became the standard pattern for Western monasticism (this was my initial impression before I read anything about Benedict XV, and it may be way off the mark).

The big question that is floating around: what should we think about the new pope? Was this a good choice? I am cautiously optimistic, for a few reasons.

I would like to think that we can be reasonably hopeful, trusting that the selection was in some way guided by Providence. I do not want to be too rosy on that point–there are plenty of examples that might give one pause.

Also, to quote a professor whom I respect: “I am not entirely sure what to think of him yet, but he has one thing going for him…all the right people hate him.” The fact that he makes certain people nervous is a good sign. While I do not count myself an archconservative, I do not want someone in the driver’s seat of the biggest church in the world who likes change for change sake. I am glad he is counted as a conservative, especially by people who would sell the soul of the church for the sake of relevance.

Finally, if he was a trusted advisor and friend of John Paul II, that says something important. I am more than willing to support Benedict XVI. May God guide him as he leads the Roman Church.

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