We are about to make some big changes here at The Quest, and the Director’s Corner. Jared Kleier, the amazing student who has been doing our website has been working hard on a new design. I think our current one is great, but that’s what separates me from Jared. Jared is able to see the future…how to advance the site…how to plan for more technological advances. Where all I do is click on an icon and add a blog. Thank God that Jared does our site, and not me. The new design will be more clean, simple to navigate, and will have added features. So stay tuned for that switch in the next two weeks.

We will also fix our address, removing the “8000” number. And we are working on an RSS feed. But you will still be able to access the new site with the old address, as it will be instantly re-directed. But stay tuned for this new and exciting move.

Also…we are beginning to upload all sermons from last week and the present onto our Media Page. This is a great advance for us that has been a long time coming. I don’t particularly love hearing myself preach, but at least now we will have wider access.

Thanks for visiting our site. Jared, thanks for all the hardwork. We hope you will like the new changes in the future.