I have always claimed that I’m not addicted to much…not tv, electronics, media, etc. Though books is definitely a strong addiction for me. But books are okay right…it’s okay to be addicted to them, as long as I’m not addicted to anything else. (I’m joking of course). Well…then our internet at church went down last Thursday during our move across the street. And as of today it’s still not up because of the damage caused to it during the move. So this blog comes to you courtesy of T-Mobile and Starbucks.

But what i’m really realizing about addiction, and more specifically mine, is that we really don’t often know what we are addicted to, or what drives or compels us, until that thing is gone. I didn’t think I was addicted to the internet, but since it has been gone, it feels like my life is falling apart to a certain degree. I feel like I can’t work. I feel like I can’t communicate. i feel like my life is on hold. I feel like I am out of touch, and now living in a primitive society without technological advances.

These are certainly exaggerations in my mind, because life goes on. But in hindsight of Lent and Easter, I am beginning to really appreciate more and more the importance of fasting from certain things in our life. We do not fast for legalistic reasons, but we fast to reposition our focus on Jesus Christ, and to make sure that He is the “driving force”, the one who compels us in the way that we live. Rather than tv, music, fashion, interent….or yes, even books.

So after not blogging for several days, I have realized my addiction to the internet and to blogging. I have realized that we live in a culture that demands more and more from us, and once we can’t deliver, then we are passed over. That is a hard compulsion, a hard force to fight, especially when our focus on Christ is in fierce competition with the world around us.

Hopefully our internet at church will be up and running today or tomorrow. Hopefully I can get on a better schedule, and blog like I want. But hopefully, I can learn to be in the position where Jesus Christ is guiding my life, and not the internet, and affirmation, and feedback from the blogs, from the media, from those around me.

What compels you? What drives you? Is it Jesus Christ?