Bloggers are everywhere these days! If you don’t know that, then check out this article below as just more proof. First Blogger Admitted to White House Briefing

That why I need you! If you are a part of The Quest ministry here at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, and you start a blog, then I will post you on this site. Now of course, there will be some rules and stipulations. I won’t post just anything. But if you start up a blog, and you post some good content, then I would like to link you on my blog.

My vision is that by the end of this year, at least one quarter of our students have blogs. That is shooting pretty low, but we need to start somewhere.

So check out the blogs, starting with some blogs on my page, then expand out into the blogosphere, and see what you find.

I’m also looking for college pastors who blog. If you are one of them, please fire off an email to me. Or if you are a college pastor, who doesn’t blog, but would like to start one, then contact me.