One of the privileges I have as the college pastor at Bel Air is the opportunity to serve with students on various mission trips throughout the world. This year, we are planning to send approximately 25-35 students to four different countries. I am leading a spring break trip with eight students to Mexico City to team up with one of our partners, Partners in Hope. We also have a month trip this summer going to Malaysia with our partner, Frontiers, as well as a two month trip to Turkey with our partner, Caleb Project. And last, we have a trip going to Kenya with our Bel Air worship team.

But to send all these students out on trips we have to raise a lot of money, anywhere from $1200–$2,500 per student, depending on the trip. In order to help raise money and offset the cost, the students in our ministry are hosting a college student talent show, this weekend at 7:30pm in Evans Chapel on the campus of Bel Air Presbyterian Church. The cost of the tickets for the show are $5, and all proceeds will go to mission support.

This is a very funny, and talented bunch of college students, so if you are in the Los Angeles area, and want to come out and check the show, we would love to have you.

For a sample of some of their humor, check out their Napoleon Dynamite video they created for our Mammoth Ski Trip.