I don’t have first hand information, but I have been reading over at Emergent, and over at Doug Pagitt, that writer and theologian Stanley Grenz is not expected to live after a brain hemorrage.

This is the exchange of information on these blogs that I have been reading:

“Talked to Ivy Beckwith and she said that apparently Stan had a brain hemorrhage and not a heart attack, and is not expected to live.

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Stan Grenz Update
I received this from Jules Glanzer –

Hi Doug,

According to Regent, Stan had a serious heart attack and is not expected to live. He has bleeding on the brain. I do not need to tell you to pray. From my perspective, we need him around.


We should be in prayer for his wife Edna and children, Joel and Corina.”

Please be in prayer over this situation. For those who don’t know who Grenz is, he is one of the foremost leading theologians, writers, and thinkers in the world today. Please be praying for he and his family.