Hugh Hewitt recently wrote an article for the Daily Standard, Fides et Internetum, in which he looks at and responds to the words of Pope John Paul II, and his letter on tecnhology and the media. This letter from the Pope, along with Hugh’s article set off a firestorm of debate and talk in my own circles as we are all wrestling with the benefits of technology, while struggling with some of the pitfalls.

Cameron Jorgenson, Ph.D. student at Baylor, whose interest are in the area of art, culture and moral formation, just posted a great article on this topic. It is a must read for everyone, especially if you are a user of technology. And it is especially important if you are a Christian and use technology. Cameron is someone you will be hearing more from in the future, as I believe he will be one of our great writers and thinkers.

Check out his post, “Breaking the Silence” at Summa Aesthetica