(Please read below: But listen to Eugene Peterson’s lecture on how and why he came about to translating The Message. Fascinating.)

The issue of translating the Bible into different paraphrases, or different translations, such as the the TNIV has stirred up quite a controversy. Pastor, writer, scholar, and all around theologian Mark Roberts has a wonderful series on his blog, “Is The TNIV Good News?” Dr. Mark Roberts explains this issue very thoroughly, especially in terms and meanings that are very easy to understand.

This may be an issue that means nothing to you, but I think it is a fascinating subject, and one that concerns everyone who is a reader of the Bible. My own opinion is that the TNIV is a great translation, and is closer to the language inclusiveness of the NRSV, which is the preferred text we used at Fuller Theological Seminary, and which is the Bible we use at our church, and place in our pews.

For a very fascinating insight into translating the Bible from the original languages, listen to Eugene Peterson’s discussion of why and how he came about to translating The Message. It is in 7 audio files that you can listen to online in about an hour. It is well worth your time and will be a very educational learning experience of what goes into the process of translating.