Any type of Church or theological “movement” is going to have both its supporters and critics. But it is interesting that something that I anticipated at the death of Stan Grenz is beginning to come true. That is, that at the passing of Stan, the critics of Emergent would come out of the woodwork, knowing that one of the more strong theological voices of Emergent is no longer able to respond.

Maybe I’m overanalyzing things, but then I saw this story today, posted over at Willzhead. Then there is this astute observation by Tony Jones over at the Emergent blog.

I guess what is really frustrating is the lack of grace, and rather the venom by those who consider themselves strong defenders of orthodoxy, know only how to attack. Whether it’s students from certain seminaries who show up at Emergent only to be critical, rather than constructive, or whether it’s a blog such as this, that attacks with such anger video blogger The Voiz, I’m really shocked by the lack of kindness and grace in the dialogue process.

Just makes one wonder about the future of our churches and theology when Christians can’t even seem to get along.