As a blogger, or as someone who communicates to the masses in ministry, how would respond to, or how do you interpret Eugene Peterson’s words? I would be interested to hear what the thoughts of all bloggers on this matter, especially if you are in some form of ministry.

The below article by Eugene Peterson raises an interesting question about the relationality of ministry…of ministering to people, one at a time, as opposed to the mass, that is impersonal.

I do not think that Eugene would see blogging as a bad thing, or as unimportant, but he raises a question about the slow work and face to face relationality that is involved in ministry.

Peterson says this:

“So, how do you help all these people? The needs are huge. Well, you do it the way Jesus did it. You do it one at a time. You can’t do gospel work, kingdom work in an impersonal way.

We live in the Trinity. Everything we do has to be in the context of the Trinity, which means personally, relationally. The minute you start doing things impersonally, functionally, mass oriented, you deny the gospel. Yet that’s all we do.”