Wow, what a surprise it was to wake up this morning and get a call that I was linked at Hugh Hewitt.

That means two things: 1) I can’t get a little lazy and let a a few days pass without posting my entries (do I get some grace since I’m in the midst of planning a wedding, and looking for a home, and plenty of other things, with my beautiful and wonderful fiance?) Probably not since the blogs never stop moving. 2) I better start posting more over the weekend.

Hugh, thanks for the link. It has been a huge boost to my ministry to have a blog, as hundreds of students visit it each day, and as it has slowly begin to change and revolutionize the way that not only I transmit information and theology, but I know my church has slowly begun to re-think through some of these things as well.

Stay tuned this weekend for my sermon notes from my talk on Wed. on pornography and the “friends with benefits” disaster–all part of my series on sex, Chrisitianity and Culture—and stay tuned as I post a new entry on the “culture of death” out here in Los Angeles and Hollywood, and how it’s begun to manifest itself more blatantly.

Here is Hugh’s post below:

Randy Elrod’s cabin looks like a wonderful place. And I find it amazing that a rocker is reading my book on ambition, but very happy that he is. These two gents along with Rhett Smith, the college pastor at Bel Air Presbyterian who blogs at The Director’s Corner, will be my three blogs of the month for March. A New York Times reporter asked for an interview on Godblogging Thursday –I sent her an e-mail on to my usual suspects, beginning with MarkDRoberts– and I suspect her query is the first signal that the MSM will quickly figure out how radical the impact of blogs on the Christian community in America will be. These March blogs -of-the-month are three examples –each very different, but each very significant– of that impact. So are all those listed to your left under “The God Squad.” (Hmmm. Note to self: I don’t have It Takes a Church and SmartChristian on the blogroll. Since I read both a few times a week, that is an oversight. I was postponing blogroll refurbishing until the site overhaul, but since that is moving slower than the glaciers –you just can’t please Lileks and the other design snobs– I may have to advance that part of the redesign project. But not now. It isn’t raining. Time to head out the door.)