Well, if you are still wondering what a blog is…check out the story that Hugh Hewitt links on his blog today.

Jeff Jarvis posted a stunner yesterday: “Dave Sifry told me he’s now tracking 40,000 new blogs a day (up from 15k only about a year ago).” The sneer machine will counter that these are mostly unread, even though most new blogs arrive with a tremendous burst of energy and enthusiasm, with the author(s) busy telling his circle of the launch. Each push for attention from a new blog brings more people into contact with the blogosphere for the first time, which changes the collective information flow dramatically. I’ll will be flogging Blog on Dennis Miller’s program today, and will use this new stat.”

40,000 a day. I am heading out to the Emergent Convention this week in San Diego, which is part of Emergent Village. I don’t have details, but there is a forum this week at the conference for bloggers. I will be interested to see how it is. But if you are curious to see how fast the blogosphers is moving, visit Smart Christian and check out their timeline in putting on a Christian conference for bloggers. It’s literally happened overnight. At this point I’m designated to lead a workshop on blogging for college pastors, but I will let you know more as we approach.