Friends, I have it bad. I didn’t know exactly how bad it was until my fiance’s family jokingly, but lovingly referred to me as “the blogger” during Christamas break. Why? Well, it wasn’t unusual to find me several times a day scouring through the blogosphere pulling reading all the news items of the day.

if you don’t know what a blog is, then you are like many people. But you better find out soon, because it’s sweeping the world. If you aren’t sure, an easy crash course is to visit Hugh Hewitt who many consider to be the godfather of blogging. If you still aren’t sure, then pick up his new book BLOG which hasn’t been released yet and is already climbing the Amazon charts.

And just in case I wasn’t obsessed enough, I entered a contest in the blogosphere, related to the book. You can view this contest at Radio Blogger

You could have seen my first ever, and lame attempt to put together some photo shop picture for the contest, but I did it in a psd file and not a jpeg….still learning….