I just spent the last week on vacation in Costa Rica. And though I was not tempted to find the nearest internet cafe and check the news and blog, I did miss perusing through the blogosphere. For some unbeknownst reason that I can’t comprehend, I have grown a fondness to checking in on all the other bloggers on a regular, if not daily basis.

I finished Hugh Hewitt’s book BLOG over the vacation, and maybe I felt a sudden urgency to return to the land of the blogs out of fear that I may have missed something. Or that another million blogs had been added. Or that my new idea for a blog had come to fruition at the hands of some other person.

After reading the book BLOG, this is my call to everyone in our college ministry, or whoever reads this website, to purchase the book which is now 316 on Amazon after being released a week ago.

If you don’t know what a blog is, you need to find out. And after reading BLOG, I am more convinced than ever that one should learn as much about blogs as possible, and determine how they can utilize one in their own life.

For a better understanding of blogging, and the role it is already taking in ministry and theology, and will continue to take, check out Hugh Hewitt’s comments on the morning of January 22nd at 8:40am where he talks about the role of theological and pastoral bloggers. Or check out Tod Bolsinger’s comments on the role and importance of blogging pastors on January 13.

This is a subject that I will hit on time and time again, as I am convinced of the importance of blogs in theological, pastoral and church circles. I am hoping that I can change the culture around my own church, and college ministry, and begin to change the habits of my own students, teaching them to not only visit important blog sites regularly, but to get them to blog themselves.

“Life must be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward” Soren Kierkegaard

I think now is the crucial time for the church to understand the history of where it has come from, but to live forward, moving into the future. And I believe that blogs will play an important role in that. For anyone who doubts the role and importance of the transformation of information in culture, and in the church, you must study up on the role that the printing press had on Martin Luther and the Reformation. Hugh Hewitt’s book BLOG is a good place to start to understand this.