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  • The Imminent Threat to a Pastor's Marriage

  • About 8 years ago I was sitting in a marriage and family therapy class at Fuller Theological Seminary when the professor made an off the cuff remark about the marital satisfaction of a pastor and their spouse. The professor's experience was that pastors (in this case men) often rank their marriages as being more satisfactory than their spouse does. I have thought about that comment a lot ove[...]
  • I'm Looking for Some Life-Giving Men!!! (Are You One of Them?)

  • Next Tuesday at 1pm Central(11amPST/2pmEST) I am very excited to be bringing you my webinar, 3 Simple Steps That Transform a Man's Potential to Live a Connected and Thriving Life!!!. I have been working with men for a very long time in all kinds of settings -- ministry, community mental health agencies, private practice. And what I most often hear men telling me, and what I see, are men th[...]