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  • Rhett Smith 109: Managing and Using Your Anxiety in the New Year

  • The new near can bring forth a lot of varying emotions from people. In my experience, a large number of people come into the new year very excited about change and all the potential possibilities that await them. It's often a time to start anew. But there is also a large number of people who come into the new year with a lot of fears about what awaits them, perhaps because the prior year was so ch[...]
  • "What's the Difference Between Anxiety and Worry?"

  • "What's the difference between anxiety and worry?" That was the question posed to me the other day. It's such a great question, and honestly, I don't know if anyone has ever asked me that question before, which is sort of surprising in light of all the talk on worry and anxiety these days. Just go to Amazon and type in worry or anxiety and see where that gets you. These searches are under Chri[...]
  • What is your anxiety cutting you off from in your life?

  • When I was 11 years old and began to experience traumatic grief from the death of my mom from breast cancer after a five-year battle -- my anxiety manifested itself in the form of stuttering. And stuttering, or my fear of making a fool of myself in front of my classmates cut me off from many aspects of life. It cut me off from participating in the joy of reading out loud in class (something [...]
  • Four possibilities that your anxiety could be a symptom of?

  • Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States for people age 18 and over? Or that affects 40 million adults (18% of the US population)? Did you know that only 1/3 of people who struggle with anxiety actually get help? And that women are 2x as likely to be affected?   Those are some staggering statistics, and just some of the information that I shared [...]