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  • Rhett Smith 83: A Wholistic Paradigm for New Year Goal Setting

  • I decided to take about a 6 week break from the podcast to focus on my work and family as we entered into a very busy holiday season. It was good to take a break from the podcast as I focused on the New Year ahead. I'm not sure what the podcast will look like in 2017, but I do know there will be one. I would really love to move to more of a guest format, but it's pretty challenging to line up a[...]
  • Don't Wait for Your Job to Do Self-Care for You! It Starts With You

  • One of the core beliefs that I have as a therapist is that people have to address four areas of their lives: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I talk about this with all my clients and in the talks I give. And I practice this in my own life. Do you address these four core areas? Failure to do so can often leave us feeling depressed, anxious, and not thriving in our personal and relat[...]
  • Be the 'Life-Giving' Man That You and Others Deserve

  • Are you a 'life-giving' man? That is a question that I am often asked. It's a term that I began to talk about in my last book, What it Means to be a Man. But I've begun to explore it more fully in the last 6 months and it is the focus of my online program for men. I've learned a lot, and the 6 men who just finished my course taught me a lot. If you are interested in becoming a 'life-givi[...]
  • Are you feeling burned out? Try self-care.

  • I just made it through a season where at moments I felt like I was on the verge of burnout. It just felt like a period of time when really big stuff...stuff bigger than usual was being juggled, and I was doing my best not to drop everything. Some of those things were: I was in an intense season of personal growth as I was participating in an 8 week online coaching program. I was also in in the[...]