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  • Thoughts on Completing and Training for Your First 50 Miler

  • A little over six months ago, my wife, our two kids, and our brand new puppy, loaded up a 25 foot motorhome and trekked 7 hours northwest of us to the Palo Duro Canyon. Just looking back at this sentence makes me think we were a bit crazy. Not only was it the first time to Palo Duro...it was the first time renting a motorhome...and it was the first week with our new puppy. The reason for our trave[...]
  • Rhett Smith Podcast 57: Discerning Depression in Your Kids

  • One of the more tricky aspects of working with adolescents is trying to discern at times what is "typical" teenage behavior, and what is depression. I mean most of us can remember back to our own teenage days where we experienced bouts of moodiness, irritability, and wanted to isolate ourselves from others, or at least our parents. And just because we experienced those things that didn't necessari[...]