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  • Reframing Your Anxiety and Depression

  • A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to give a talk about my own journey with anxiety and depression at a local church, Chase Oaks Church. The video was shot for their ReNew Ministry which helps people deal with the "messiness of life." I love the work that ReNew Ministry is doing to help people with issues such as anger, depression, anxiety, and more, so I was thankful to shoot a video fo[...]
  • Rhett Smith Podcast 57: Discerning Depression in Your Kids

  • One of the more tricky aspects of working with adolescents is trying to discern at times what is "typical" teenage behavior, and what is depression. I mean most of us can remember back to our own teenage days where we experienced bouts of moodiness, irritability, and wanted to isolate ourselves from others, or at least our parents. And just because we experienced those things that didn't necessari[...]
  • The Launching of Thriiive Practices

  • This summer my family and I spent 8 days with a couple of other families in Colorado. It was an amazing time of adventure and community as we spent our days white water river rafting, ropes courses, hiking, trail running, and spending quality time with one another. But one of the things that I really appreciated about the trip was being able to watch others, especially my kids, push their limi[...]