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  • Difference Between Studying and Reading the Bible

  • When I work with people in therapy we often talk about the importance of being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. And one of the primary ways that many people who foster their spiritual growth is through their participation in the Bible. That may be through reading, memorization, study, teaching, preaching...trying to live out what is written in their daily lives. Somet[...]
  • How to Build a Thriving Therapy Practice: Give Yourself 5 Years

  • One of the things that my colleagues and I are constantly joking...and sometimes lamenting about -- is that most graduate programs in therapy and counseling don't teach you anything about the actual business application of what you have just spent the last 2-5 years studying and practicing. You learn a lot about therapy techniques, diagnosing issues, relationships, etc...but almost ZERO about how [...]
  • How to Build a Thriving Therapy Practice

  • It is not unusual for me to get about 5-6 messages a month from people who want to meet up either in person, or on the phone, to talk about building a therapy practice. For whatever reason these people have found what I'm doing as a therapist in private practice appealing, and they are curious to pick my brain about it. I love this. I consider it a great honor and privilege that other gradua[...]