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  • I'm Looking for Some Life-Giving Men!!! (Are You One of Them?)

  • Next Tuesday at 1pm Central(11amPST/2pmEST) I am very excited to be bringing you my webinar, 3 Simple Steps That Transform a Man's Potential to Live a Connected and Thriving Life!!!. I have been working with men for a very long time in all kinds of settings -- ministry, community mental health agencies, private practice. And what I most often hear men telling me, and what I see, are men th[...]
  • Are You a Man Who Gives Life to Those Around You? Or One Who Destroys It?

  • "Everyone one of you when you walk into a room can probably tell the difference between a man who is life-giving. That is, he essentially breathes life into other people. He is encouraging, passionate, listening. You know what that looks and feels like, right?" The men in the audience nodded their heads in agreement. So I continued. "When you encounter that guy you walk away a different person. [...]
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